Nigeria Fed. Civil Service Commission Portal Guide | Full Details About FCSC Historical Background

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Nigeria Fed. Civil Service Commission Portal Guide | Full Details About FCSC Historical Background

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Details About Federal Civil Service Commission

According to the official FCSC website, when Nigeria gained her independence in the year 1960 from the British Colonial Authority, the Public Service Commission was entrenched in the constitution of Nigeria to perform the function of appointments, promotion and discipline in the Public Service of Nigeria. As a matter of fact, this occurred particularly as Government business were organized under the departmental Establishments. They simply include:- Forestry Department, Health Department, Public Works Department, Treasury Department, the Nigerian Railways, the Telecommunication Board, Nigerian Harbour and the the Electricity Board e.t.c.


From the research that has been made, the Central Public Service Board was created sequel to the acceptance of the Nigerian Commission Report of 1st January, nine fourthy nine (1949). Giving details as seen in the research shows that the main function of this board was to interview and recommend to the Governor-General, candidates from within and outside the service for appointment or promotion in civil service. Moving forward, it was seen that the Board was made up of a Civil Service Commissioner, the Director of Education or his representative and one official representative of each of the Regional Boards. Generally, it was nevertheless, empowered to co-opt two additional members, if need arises...

In the meantime, a caretaker Central Public Service Commission was constituted on 3rd May, 1952 under the provision of section 169 of the Nigerian Order-in-Council (Constitution) of 1951 (nineteen fifty one). This was a transitory body to advice the Governor-General on issues affecting the Public Service at his request. After that, the Federal Public Service Commission was consequently established on the 1st of April, 1954  (nineteen fifty four) through a Provision under section 174 (one seventy four) of Nigerian Order-in-Council (Constitution) of 1954 (nineteen fifty four).

Check this out; the order provided that the Governor-General might (either generally or specially and in whatever manner he thought fit) refer to the Commission, the appointment of any person to an Office in the Public Service of the Federation, or dismissal or disciplinary control of Officers in the Public Service of Federation. This also include any other matter which in his/her opinion, affected the Public Service of the Federation of the country. Going forward, this in essence gave the Commission the authority to cover all posts (established or unestablished) for which funds were provided in the Federal Annual Estimates through budgets.

We read from the FCSC website that the Commission at this stage was only an advisory body whose key mandate was advising the Governor-General. The position changed in 1956 when an amendment to the enabling legislation gave the Commission the power to appoint, promote, transfer, second, dismiss or otherwise discipline Officers belonging to certain grades. The name was later changed from Federal Public Service Commission to Federal Civil Service Commission under section 140(b) of the 1979 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

From the FCSC portal, it was seen that the Federal Government announced its intention in January, 1985 (nine eighty five) to create a Customs, Immigration and Prisons Service Board which among other things removed the Civil Servants of the Services concerned from the jurisdiction of the Federal Civil Service Commission.

In conclusion, the Government later split the Board into the Nigeria Customs Service and Immigration, Prisons and Civil Defence Corps Boards respectively. Finally, this was also the case with other agencies and establishments like the Federal Inland Revenue Board established by the FIRS Act 2007 (two thousand ad seven) which staff matters ceased to be handled by the Commission.

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The Vision of Nigeria Federal Civil Service Commission

To build a core of highly focused, disciplined, committed and patriotic Civil Service totally dedicated to supporting the Government in the development of a strong, united and virile Nigeria.
Nigeria Fed. Civil Service Commission Portal Guide | Full Details About FCSC Historical Background

The Mission of Federal Civil Service Commission

In pursuit of the stated vision to meticulously apply extant rules and regulations in providing excellent, honest, fair and equitable service that shall remain the foundation of the fundamental principles governing human resource management in the Federal Civil Service. 
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