Updates: 2018 WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers | Objectives & Theory - How to Pass Exam

Updates: 2018 WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers | Objectives & Theory

Hello readers, We bring you greetings for this new month of examination. We believe you are having a good time with the ongoing West Africa Senior Secondary School Examination (WASSCE) for May/June 2018. So far so good, the exam has bee very interesting since it commenced according to the announcement of the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

The scheduled date for this year's Maths WAEC exam is almost at hand and it is expected that every student is ready for the upcoming exam date. We have been providing several Mathematics past questions and answers for 2018/2019 academic session to enable students study for this Maths examination.

Sometime ago, we shared a useful link containing a very helpful article on How to pass WAEC examination. We hope you have read it. If you have not, please use the search button on the website to look it up and read it. The article will help you prepare for your WAEC examination.

2018 WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers

Meanwhile, in this article, we intend to inform you or perhaps remind you that your Maths exam date for WAEC 2018/2019 is almost at hand. We still want to use this medium to encourage all students that registered for this years examination to enter the examination hall prepared with their head smoking hot with good information to pen down. This is because body knows what the WAEC examiners has set for this years' exam.

However, do not be afraid if you have studied hard. It will also help you if you have gotten a copy of the WAEC maths past questions and answers for revision. These past questions are available online in several websites for free. You can also access them from the official WAEC portal.

WAEC Maths Objectives & Theory Questions 2018/2019 Academic Session

The method of setting questions in Mathematics has always remained the same over the years. If you have been observant in the past questions booklet, you will notice that the exam questions are being recycled. Sometimes, the examiners simply just change the numbers in the questions and thats all. If you have studied the pas questions carefully, you will notice it and be able to solve them to arrive to correct answers.
Updates: 2018 WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers | Objectives & Theory - How to Pass Exam

Meanwhile, the maths objective section usually comes with 50 questions with options. You have to carefully solve the questions and arrive on the correct answers before choosing an option from the objectives. Sometimes, the answers can be very tricky by being close to correct. You have to carefully solve your questions in less than 2minutes. You can ignore the ones you do not know and finish with the ones you know, then come back to the more difficult ones later.

The same method goes for the theory aspect of the WAEC maths examination paper 2018. The questions are usually up to 7 with an option of choosing and answering 5. Before choosing any question, make sure you know the formula for solving the question. Do your calculations very carefully, and do not hurry to finish first. Be sure to review you calculations very well before submitting your answer booklet.


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In conclusion, do not deceive yourself by entering the examination hall with incriminating materials because you will be caught by the highly trainer WAEC examination external examiners. You will be handed over to the Nigerian Police Force if you are caught impersonating. Examination malpractice is a crime and is punishable under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Be warned.
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