WAEC Langauges Questions & Answers 2018/2019 - Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Efik

The West African Examination Council has announced the commencement of the WAEC examination since last week according to the WAEC 2018 approved timetable.

The much awaited WAEC Languages Questions & Answers 2018/2019 - Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Efik etc examination is scheduled to take place next week Monday and as we all know, students and preparing for the exam because they all want to pass.

As usual, the Nigerian Native languages are always written i different states and in all school depending on the registered students. Writing of any of the Nigerian Languages is strictly by choice depending on the student. This is to allow every student choose the particular language he/she is to write in the examination.

As we all know, Nigeria has three basic languages, which is the Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. During WAEC registration, every student is to choose one of the languages to partake during the examination. Other languages of are not written in the exam.


Passing this languages during WAEC examination is not quite easy, so it is expected for every student to study very hard in preparation of the examination.

Students are expected to go to their various secondary school authorities to get the 2018/2019 academic syllabus to enable them know the area of study. This is to enable them know the areas they are supposed to focus on. This will in a long run guide them on what to read or practise on. You can even search and download the WAEC approved syllabus from the WAEC official website available for free on the internet.

It is also very necessary for students to buy WAEC past questions and answer booklets from bookshops near them. They can also access these past questions online from free lancer website for free with their mobile phones, computers or even tablets. Past questions and answers including complete guides on how to answer questions during the examination is available on the official WAEC website.


Registering for extra moral lessons before the WAEC examination is also very important; as it will further guide the students of the languages they are to learn. Lesson teachers are always available to teach students all over the country. Simply register into any good after school lesson closest to you.


As a student, you must learn how to answer the Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba languages questions during the exam. Keep in mind that in languages, there are so many dots and apostrophes. They are very tricky, you must learn them perfectly before the exam because, if you do not insert them properly as it should, the sentence you want to make may become wrong and/or invalid. 

This can cause the external examiner to disqualify your spellings or sentences. Try your best to understand the vowel sounds as available in the different languages you are participating in.
WAEC Langauges Questions & Answers 2018/2019 - Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Efik

Try your best not to cheat during the examination because if you are caught, the external invigilator may send you out of the exam hall thereby cancelling that particular subject for you. This will finally result in the subject being seized or cancelled.

Keep in mind that examination malpractice is a crime to humanity, the community and yourself. Stay away from it so that you will be able to defend yourself on your WAEC result whenever you are called to do that. We have advised you. Remain blessed.
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