New IPPIS Verification | Registration and Login portal 2018

In this article, we will bring to you legit tips on how you can apply for the IPPIS Verification for the year 2018 is now ongoing online and not in the acclaimed extended online registration. Access the Direct Link Here.

 IPPIS Verification|Registration and Login portal 2018

As a matter of fact,The IPPIS Verification for the year 2018 is now ongoing online and not in the acclaimed www.ippis extended online registration. This link is not the official sites for which the verification exercise can be online. 

Further more, the federal civil service has invited her workers to update their accounts online through the registration portal of the Combined Payroll and Personal Information System, and this is exposed to some Ministries Departments and Agencies (MDAs) across the nation. After the registration and the generation of ippis registration token, you will be able to be gain direct access to the ippis verification login to proceed and complete your ippis verification 2018 which is now ongoing online.

ippis verification exercise is a unique and single activity that happens in the federal civil service, and concerned civil servants are at this minute advised to take note and finish the online form for the ippis registration. After the registration, you will see the ippis form download the form and finish it with your data. ippis data capture and verification portal are open for all civil servant to conducts its payroll update and do the ippis payslip online via the official ippis verification portal.

In this article, we also hope on give you the guide you need on ippis enrollment which will combine the ippis data capture and verification exercise all this can be done online via the portal. It is engaging to note that the ippis service online registration form can be download and filled in once finished and uploaded online. The ippis registration is only appropriate to the federal civil service, and the registration guideline is what we will teach you on this article on ippis registration that can be done via the ippis registration portal.

NOTE: That this program has no business with the state Civil service bu only the federal Civil service.
  1. Federal Ministry of Education
  2. Federal Ministry of Environment;
  3. Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
  4. Federal Ministry of Justice;
  5. Federal Ministry of Information
  6. Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing
  7. Federal Ministry of Trade and Investments; and
  8. Bureau of Public Procurement
  9. Office of the Surveyor-General of the Federation
  10. Federal Ministry of Science and Technology
  11. Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
  12. Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity etc

Only the MDAs listed above are concern with ipps verification 2018 as others in other MDAs are not to proceed for this exercise.

Requirement For 2018 IPPIS Verifications

  • IPPIS number
  • Registration token
  • MDA forward details of their AS IS Nominal Roll, Role Players and Organizational Structure (i.e., list of Departments, Divisions, Sections and Units) must be forward to and
  • MDAs Structures are processed and uploaded onto the portal by the SysAdmin in the
  • OHCSF to enable employees of the MDAs to select their Depts, Divisions, Sections and
  • Units as appropriate while updating their details on the Data Collection Portal.
  • MDAs to notify all documented employees to update their details within a two weeks
  • window.
  • Director HR in MDA generates Nominal Roll based on newly captured employee records for authentication and approval by Accounting Officer, at the end of portal update.
  • MDA presents authenticated Nominal Roll during physical verification exercise

 IPPIS Verification|Registration and Login portal


1. Enter your IPPIS number
2. Enter your registration token
3. Enter captcha Text which will be displaced on the screen
4. Then login to access your portal or

  1.  In this process, A login page appears on the screen for you and it contains a place for the Employees to fill in the ippis number, and login token as well as the Captchat text box appears. It is important that the employee generate toke with the token box and this login token will help you to gain access by logging into the dashboard.
  2. In the lower part of the box, the employee should click on the “Generate Token” bar existing at the lower part of the login session and proceed to provide the ippis number, mobile number and a functional email address and then proceed to generate.
  3. Immediately the employee will receive a text or a message containing the token and it can only be received via the registered phone number and the registered email address
  4. respectively.
  5. The employee doing the ippis verification returns to the login page to filled in the login page with the following data; token and solve the captcha below and then proceed to login by clicking on the login bottom and the a column to select the employee’s MDAs is also provided
  6. After the employee has selected the MDAs for his ministry/department, he/she will have access to the first form which contains Employee Personal Information and with other forms displayed at the left hand bar of the portal and the employee name and and the ippis is displayed alongside on the homepage.
  7. The first form which came up has to be filled now and it should be save by just clicking the Update Profile. The employee does same to other forms and click update form appropriately. The filling of the forms can be pause and resumed another daya provided that the final confirmation slip has not been clicked or submitted in the print or summary page.
  8. The final operation for this session is that the employee after reviewing the data submitted clicks on the the confirmation box or the submit bottom at the summary page or the print layout. The summary page gives you the full summary of all your data provided.
  9. Here in this step, the Employee generates proceed to prints Verification Slip (Three copies required)
  10. The slip is presented to the Employee’s Director Human Resource who endorses the slips for presentation at IPPIS verification center
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