Salary Structure for the Nigerian Army Monthly Earnings 2018/2019

Salary Structure for the Nigerian Army  Monthly  Earnings

As a matter of fact ,The Nigerian Army has played a major role in the country in terms of security and perhaps they deserve bountiful and enviable rewards as salary. Contrary to the belief of some people that Nigerian Soldiers earn heavy monthly salary, we ascertain the Nigerian army salary earned every month end by Soldiers according to their ranks.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure Earnings 2018/2019 

In thesame fassion the Nigerian soldiers are being paid according to his or her rank and years of service. The Nigerian Army’s basic function is to safeguard the nation against any sort of external aggression, support the interest of its citizens and country and it is known to be the largest in West Africa, however according to a report on most of the soldiers can perform a little more than the basic defensive operations.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Non-Commissioned Officers

  • Private Soldier – N48-49,000
  • Lance Corporal – N54-55,000
  • Corporal – N58,000
  • Sergeant – N63,000
  • Staff Sergeant – N68,000
  • Warrant Officer – N80,000
  • Master Warrant Officer – N90,000

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Nigerian Army

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Commissioned Officers

  • Second Lieutenant – N120,000
  • Lieutenant – N180,000
  • Captain – N220,000
  • Major – N300,000
  • Lt. Colonel – N350,000
  • Colonel – N550,000
  • Brigadier General – N750,000
  • Major General – N950,000
  • Lt. General – N1 million
  • General – N1.5 million.

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