LATEST: How to Read Whatsapp Messages Without the Sender Noticing

Before you read this article, have you ever been in that awkward moment where a friend of yours have felt ignored just because you couldn’t reply to his WhatsApp messages.

To further overcome this situation, there is one WhatsApp feature, which we can find inside the setting, where we can turn off the read receipt feature

LATEST: How to Read Whatsapp Messages Without the Sender Noticing 

However, for those times you will prefer reading the message without notifying the sender, we have outlined a reliable solution to it in this post.

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Disable Read Receipts: Disabling read receipts is one of the most authentic as well as straightforward ways which you opt for if you don’t want to let a sender know if you are actually reading the messages. However, you will also not be able to know if someone has read your messages. 

To disable read receipt on WhatsApp, go to the WhatsApp Settings and tap on Accounts. Now, tap on the Privacy option and untick Read receipts.

Go Off The Grid: To go with this method, you must turn off all your internet connections to disallow WhatsApp’s ability to communicate. Then you can now follow these few steps:
  • Enable Airplane Mode to turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data.
  • Open WhatsApp, tap the message and read.
  • Close WhatsApp and fully kill the app.
  • Disable Airplane mode.

Because WhatsApp was blocked from communicating with any other part of your phone when Airplane mode was enabled, the message will still be marked as unread.

WhatsApp Widget: Just like every major app, WhatsApp also offers the widget option which can be used on the home screen of Android smartphones in order to see notifications/message without even opening the app. Reading all the messages from widget placed on the home screen will prevent blue ticks to appear on senders’ chat.

LATEST: How to Read Whatsapp Messages Without the Sender Noticing

Read From Notification Drawer: Though this method only applies to short Whatsapp messages, but it’s a great way to read charts without having to open the application and notify the sender.

Do not tap on the message itself while you are reading, because it will transfer you to the application and then Whatsapp will notify the sender that you have read the message.

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