Npower Deployment letter | See Guide on How to Print @

Npower Deployment letter | See Guide on How to Print @

First of all, we want to Congratulate the Newly recruited Npower Beneficiaries.Here we will be showing you some tips on how you can print - out you deployment letter online at Npower Login Portal.

If you have not printed yours yet well have no worries at all cause with these few steps all you need to know concerning how to print your deployment letter.


What is a Deployment Letter??

It is a letter that shows your deployment to your Primary Place of Assignment (PPA). You need to have them in your npower document list for reference purposes.

Before then, we want to believe that you have been punctual in your place of primary assignment. And that you have been taking your attendance regularly.

How to Print Npower Deployment Letter 2018

Just follow these few steps below 
  1. Firstly, visit Npower Website:
  2. Then, enter your Phone number or your email address you registered with and click submit.
  3. Npower Letter of Deployment
  4. If your phone number or email is in the database, you will be directed to the next page for your password.
  5. Enter your registered password.
  6. Npower Letter of Deployment
  7. Click submit to login to your dashboard.

Npower Deployment letter | See Guide on How to Print @

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