See How to Share Glo Data Subscription | Glo Data Plan

See How to Share Glo Data Subscription  | Glo Data Plan

First of all, Here in this article, we shall be showing you how to share Glo Data Subscription with your friends, family and loved ones. Glo is always stands out in Nigeria as the best leading telecom in data services.

They also gives the most affordable data plan in Nigeria which is very true. For instance, Glo N1000 = 3.2gb. It have a very robust platform that allows you manage your data subscription, Sharing and Activation located at If you are looking for how to activate internet subscription on glo sim, you can do that by simply dialing *777# and follow the onscreen instruction. 

On the glo HSI portal, you can share your data with your loved one with a click of button but with some limitations which includes:
  1. Blocked dns server
  2. Poor network coverage
  3. Nonavailability of 3g coverage within your present location


See How to share Glo Data Subscription using USSD

  1. First things first, to add your friend to your account, dial  *127*01*[friend’s number]#  For example *127*01*07034538881# or send “Share 07034538881” to 127.
  2. To also remove – dial *127*02*[friends number]#  for example *127*02*07034538881# or SMS “Remove 07034538881” to 127
  3. To view added numbers dial *127*00#

See How to Share Glo Data Subscription  | Glo Data Plan

How to also share Glo Airtime: To further transfer airtime from your glo line to another glo line, this will be made possible using Glo Easyshare. This Enables you to share your Glo credit with your loved ones. Just follow these steps dial *131*Phone Number of the recipient*Amount to be transferred*Password# for example *131*07034538881*200*12345#

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