See List of Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria 2018

See List of Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria 2018

Nigeria is no doubt the most populated African Nation on earth,its a country that it's population keeps on increasing but does not have the infrastructure to match that rapid growth.

Despite the high level of unemployment,some Nigerian states has carved a safe haven for itself and also industrialized itself, hence reducing the high level of poverty in the country.

The united Nations Global multi dimensional poverty index published a report based on the poverty rate of Nigerian states. Listed below is the most current 2018 list of the Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria.

Here are the list of the Top Ten Richest State in Nigeria

1. Lagos State 8.5%

See List of Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria 2018

Lagos state has the lowest poverty index of 8.5% out of 100% making it the richest state in Nigeria 2018.
Lagos is the largest city and former capital of Nigeria and the largest megacity on the African continent in terms of population " Approx. 21m (2016 est), It is also the 4th largest economy in Africa.

See Reason Why
  1. Lagos is one of the busiest cities in the world.
  2. It is located in the southwestern geopolitical zone of Nigeria.
  3. Its capital is Ikeja.
  4. Lagos is situated in the smallest area in terms of land mass but it is an economic powerhouse.
  5. Lagos is one of the most important economic state in Nigeria.
  6. Lagos is also called 'The center of excellence'.
  7. Assuming Lagos was a country,it would be the 5th largest economy in Africa.
  8. It has a population of over 10 million.
  9. Lagos was formerly known as 'Eko' (war camp) or "Oko" (cassava farm) which is a yoruba word.
  10. It later adopted the name Lagos which is a Portuguese word.

 2. Anambra State 11.2%

See List of Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria 2018

Located in the south east of Nigeria, this oil rich state with a population of over four million is also a formidable trade and economic centre of Nigeria.

Economic powerhouse of Nigeria,its markets in Onitsha, Awka Etc generates billiions of Naira.
It is also an oil rich state.

  1. Also known as Light of the Nation
  2. Its Capital is called 'Awka'
  3. Anambra derived its name from the Anambra River which is called 'Omambala'.
  4. Occupied predominantly by the Igbo,while the Igala accounts for only 2%.
  5. The people of Anambra are predominantly Christians.
  6. Anambra is rich in natural resources and has a very fertile arable land.

3. Osun State 10.9%

See List of Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria 2018

Osun is an inland state in south-western Nigeria. Its capital is Osogbo. It is bounded in the north by Kwara State, in the east partly by Ekiti State and partly by Ondo State, in the south by Ogun State and in the west by Oyo State

  1. Also called the Land of Virtue.
  2. Derived its name from the River Osun.
  3. Created in 1991.
  4. Has a population of over 3 million.
  5. Its indigenes are referred to as 'Osunians'.
  6. People of Osun State practice Islam, Christianity and traditional worship.

4. Ekiti State 12.9%

See List of Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria 2018

Ekiti is a state in western Nigeria, declared a state on 1st of October 1996 alongside five other states in the country by the military under the dictatorship of General Sani Abacha.

With a poverty rate of just 12.9% out of 100%, Ekiti State is the 4th richest state in Nigeria.
This western state inhabited predominantly by the yoruba's was declared a state in 1966.

  1. Ekiti State was carved out of the old ondo State.
  2. Reputed to have produced the highest number of professors in Nigeria.
  3. Also known as the land of honor
  4. Its Capital is called Ado Ekiti
  5. Its indigenes are called Ekitian

 5. Edo State 19.2%

See List of Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria 2018

With a low poverty rate of 19.2% out of 100%,the 5th state on our list is Edo State Nigeria.
Edo is a state in Nigeria. With Benin City as capital, the population of the entire state is approximately 8 million people. It is made up of four major ethnic groups; namely Edo, Esan, Owan and Etsako.
Founded: 27 August 1991
Area: 17,802 km²


  1. Benin City is the capital of Edo state.
  2. Was one of the Major destinations of exploring europeans many centuries ago.
  3. One of Nigeria's tourist states.
  4. Also called the Heart Beat of Nigeria.
  5. Created in 1991.
  6. Has a population of over 3million people.
  7. Indigenes called Edolites.

6. Imo State 19.8%

See List of Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria 2018

Imo is one of the 36 states of Nigeria and lies in the south east of Nigeria. Owerri is its capital and largest city. Its other major cities are Orlu and Okigwe. Wikipedia
Founded: 3 February 1976
Area: 5,530 km²

Predominantly inhabited by the Igbos and Located in the south eastern region of Nigeria,Imo state is the 6th Richest State in Nigeria with a poverty rate of 19.8%.

  1. Also known as the Eastern Heartland.
  2. Created in 1976.
  3. Has a population of over 4million people.
  4. The state depends on agriculture and commerce.
  5. Imo state has natural resources and is also an Oil rich state.
  6. There are over 163 oil wells at over 12 different locations in the state.
  7. The state also produces consumable crops in large quantity.

7. Abia state 21.0%

See List of Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria 2018

Abia is a state in the south eastern part of Nigeria. The capital is Umuahia and the major commercial city is Aba. The commercial hub, Aba was formerly a British colonial government outpost in the region.
Founded: 27 August 1991

The capital city is Umuahia and the major commercial hub is Aba.
It is the 7th richest state in Nigeria with a general poverty rate of 21.0% out of 100%.

  1. It was created in 1991 from a part of Imo State.
  2. It is also known as God's Own State.
  3. Abia state is home to over 3million Nigerians.
  4. It is also rich in oil Crude oil and gas production is a major booster of the states economy.

8. Rivers State 21.1%

See List of Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria 2018

Rivers State, also known simply as Rivers, is one of the 36 states of Nigeria. According to census data released in 2006, the state has a population of 5,198,716, making it the sixth-most populous state in the country.
Founded: 27 May 1967

Its the richest oil region in Nigeria and is economically Significant as the centre of Nigeria's oil.


  1. 6th most populated city in Nigeria.
  2. Population of over 6 million people.
  3. Its capital is called Port Harcourt.
  4. Created in 1967.
  5. Rivers state was named after the many rivers that border its territory.
  6. Rivers State has produced wealth for Nigeria and is the most economically important state in Nigeria,with a GDP of $21.07 billion and a per capita income of $3,965.

9. FCT- Abuja 23.5%

See List of Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria 2018

The Federal Capital Territory, commonly known as FCT, or loosely as FCT-Abuja, is a federal territory in central Nigeria. Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria, is located in this territory. Wikipedia
Area: 7,315 km²
Capital: Abuja
Date created: 3 February 1976

  1. Also known as the Centre of Unity.
  2. It is not ruled by a governor,rather it is administered by the Federal Capital Territory Administration.
  3. Headed by a minister appointed by the President of Nigeria.
  4. Abuja has a population of over 3 million people.

10. Kwara State 23.7%

See List of Top Ten Richest States In Nigeria 2018

Kwara is a state in Northern Nigeria. Its capital is Ilorin. Kwara is located within the North Central geopolitical zone, commonly referred to as the Middle Belt. Wikipedia
Founded: 27 May 1967

  1. It is also called the State of Harmony.
  2. It was created in 1967.
  3. Agriculture is the main source of the kwara economy and also some natural minerals are also abundant in the state.
  4. It is also home to many manufacturing and production industries in Nigeria like Dangote Flour Mill Etc.
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