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The oil and gas sector is one of the booming job people are looking for because it pays well and opens opportunity for mechanical ideas and improvements in Nigeria. This has made thousands of people to search for job in the oil and gas sector. That being said, in this section of this blog, Recruitment Login's Team will be publishing latest Oil and Gas jobs as advertised by notable Oil and Gas producing and servicing companies in Nigeria for both graduates and non-graduates.

As can be seen above, the Oil and Gas jobs are among the top most paid jobs in Nigeria and hence it has become everyone's dream job especially fresh graduates. As a result, our publication team will take measures to confirm and verify every recruitment information before publishing it on this section of our website.


  1. Addax Petroleum; It’s net worth is valued at £17,676,239.
  2. Hardy Oil and Gas Plc;  It’s net worth is valued at £67,619,000.
  3. Nexen Inc; It’s net worth is valued at $333million
  4. Petrobas;  It’s net worth is valued at $73 billion.
  5. Conoco Philips; Its net worth is valued at $100 billion.
  6. Total; Its net worth is $120.2billion
  7. Statoil; It’s net worth is $155.5billion.
  8. Shell; Its net worth is $213.1 billion.
  9. Chevron; It’s net worth in is valued at $253.706 billion.
  10. Exxon Mobil; It’s net worth is valued at $400.4billion.

In addition to current job awareness creations on the above and many other Oil & Gas Companies, we are also going to update prospective applicants with the following;

  1. Oil & Gas Service business idea'
  2. Oil Company Scholarships
  3. Professional courses required for oil and Gas job applications
  4. Oil Company recruitment Test and interview tips, etc

In conclusion, this job section and publications will cover widely all the above listed and many more other  Oil and Gas companies in Nigeria and our articles would contain all the necessary information to get one prepared ahead of time in order to to grab such job opportunity once it comes.
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